My New Years Resolutions 2019

Another year has flown by and, at least for me, it’s had crazy ups and downs.

Looking back at the year, it has had some of my best moments and a few of my very worst – but that’s how life works. As 2018 rolls to an end, I started to work on my new years resolutions, how I can continue growing throughout 2019, to become the best version of myself.

1.          Get a New Job

Don’t get me wrong, I adore both of my jobs. Like everyone it seems, I could just do with a bit more money. As well as this, when I applied for one of my jobs, I thought it would be different to what it turned out to be. Even though I do really love it, it isn’t what I wanted to do, so I’m going to find a job I get excited for – one where I will look forward to going to work and will enjoy myself when I am there.

2.         Reach 1,000 Instagram Followers

Instagram is a learn as you go process and sometimes, what you think will work best really doesn’t. I have really loved building my Instagram alongside this blog and it does take a surprising amount of hard work – I don’t think people realise this sometimes. It would mean the world to me to see that hard work pay off.

2018-12-31 01.28.49 1.jpg

3.         Choose Happiness

I have spent too much of 2018 feeing sorry for myself – I’ve had enough. So what if I have been hurt, it’s time for me to move past it and it can only cause me pain if I let it. I will push past any toxicity or pettiness, and make the conscious effort to choose happiness. It won’t always be easy, but it is important, and I’ll be better because of it. Even just a smile, because when I smile, everything changes. It might not solve my problems, but it makes it a whole lot easier to deal with.

4.         Trust my Instincts

The thing that caused me the most heartache of 2018? I got cheated on, in one of the worst possible ways – with my roommate. It hurts a lot. They were always really friendly when we hung out as a flat, and my boyfriend and I used to argue a lot about how that made me feel. He made me feel stupid for being jealous. In hindsight, my instincts were entirely accurate and I should’ve trusted them.

5.         Stand Up for Myself

I hate confrontation and will always choose to compromise rather than argue. But sometimes you need to argue. I have allowed myself to be pushed around too much this year. I’m not saying I have to fight for everything, sometimes compromise is important. But if it’s something that I believe in, by god I am going to fight for it! I will stand up for myself.

So that’s me. I will put my mind to it and work hard in order to achieve the life I want to lead. One where I will look back having done everything I set out to do. I’ll support myself, support others, and I’ll grow until I can’t be brought back down. Maya Angelou said we are all enough, by ourselves, that I have nothing to prove to anybody. Everyday, in every way, I’m becoming more myself.


Stay Perfect, Messy People