Using A Cottonsafe Mattress Topper

I have been in my new house for about a month now, and when I first moved in I was heart broken by how uncomfortable my bed was. So I decided to get myself a mattress topper, which was kindly given to me by Futons 24/7. They gave me the Cottonsafe Mattress Topper and I love it!


Why Cottonsafe?

Cottonsafe fabric feels and looks like cotton with the natural advantages of wool, making it super comfy. The woven blend of organic cotton and wool also passes UK fire regulations without the need of any chemical treatment – which I love because, no chemicals! Also, wool has a natural hygroscopic nature making it incredibly breathable keeping me nice and cool in the summer and warm and toasty in the winter.


Anybody who knows me knows that I am basically sensitive to everything! The skin test I had told me I was allergic to dust, pollen, dog hairs, basically life. But the Cottonsafe fabric is great for me as it offers hypoallergenic benefits due to the antistatic and dust free properties of the natural material used in the fabric. I love that it’s dust free as it means I can sleep at night without getting wet, itchy eyes. The fabric itself is also biodegradable!


Everything in this topper are all also made in the UK – fillers and fabrics – and everyone loves some home grown quality.


Overall, I could not be more thrilled with my Mattess Topper, which you can buy here:


--------Cottonsafe Mattress Topper--------


It is the comfiest thing and I had the hardest luck pulling myself out of bed ever since I got it. So thank you very much Futons 24/7 for this lovely gift, and everyone should go and buy their own.


Stay Perfect, Messy People.