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she was life itself. wild and free. wonderfully chaotic. a perfectly put together mess

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My name is Ellie Farrow and I think I should start by saying that I am by no means ‘ perfectly put together.’ I’m an over thinker and a daydreamer, with a little touch of melodrama. But throughout my life, i’ve realised things about myself that I would never have learnt if I didn’t strive for the idea of perfection. I am a perfectionist, i’m aware of this, but along the way i’ve discovered that things don’t need to be perfect for me to feel perfect.

Perfect is a tricky word because people will always say “well nobody is perfect,” and I guess to some degree that is true. We do all have our flaws, but I guess what I am saying is that it is more about being perfectly happy even with them - and that is the message of Perfectly Put Together.

So welcome to my mind, and remember - Stay Perfect, Messy People

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The ‘Girl’ or ‘woman’ conversation

Should you call me a Girl or Women?

To me, it’s about the respect put into the word – you can be called a girl as long as you are still respected as a woman.

The word ‘girl’ has mixed connotations, especially when being used to address a woman. At what point does a girl become a woman and is it rude or demeaning to call somebody a girl once they identify as a woman?

At the most basic level, I feel like it comes down to age. We refer to young females as girls, shifting to young women as they approach adulthood, then finally reaching woman at a certain point. I agree with this, feeling that the word ‘woman’ is reserved for people with life or career experience….

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vanishing acts by jodi picoult

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One of my favourite books in the entire world. I read it eons ago, loved it and lost it like a tragic romance. Recently, I re-purchased it, and reminded myself how great it is.

Set between rural New Hampshire and Arizona, this book follows Delia as she learns that her father kidnapped her as a child, leading her to believe her mother was dead. When her father is arrested, everyone assumes that he is guilty. But does that mean that what he did wasn’t right?

A thought provoking story that seems to blur the lines between morality. It asks the question: When good people do bad things for the right reason, does that make it any less bad? It is incredibly well written and well researched with interesting, if not slightly selfish, characters. However, their selfishness seems justified, as they are all trying to protect themselves and/or someone they love. It’s full of plot twists and tension and is impossible to put down. Picoult tackles a very thought provoking subject and does it extremely well, making you question: What you would do if put in the same situation?