Femme and Fierce --- Part Two

Femme and Fierce - a sequence of profiles looking into inspirational women, that prove to the world that we girls are a force to be reckoned with.


This post is in collaboration with Courtney Jones, who, I’m excited to announce, has explored the the phenomenal Maya Angelou!


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Photograph: Alecsandra Raluca Drăgoi for the Guardian

Photograph: Alecsandra Raluca Drăgoi for the Guardian

Chidera Eggerue


Award-winning blogger, author and social media activist Chidera Eggerue, also known as The Slumflower, empowers all young women to love themselves and embrace their flaws!!


Eggerue grew up in Peckham in South-East London, in a predominantly black neighbourhood undergoing heavy gentrification. There is a large Nigerian community in Peckham, which Eggerue likes, quoted saying “for me it feels like I’m close to home – which is Nigeria – as possible. I can’t imagine living in an area where I don’t get a sense of community.” Her name ‘The Slumflower’ is also a name that has risen from the city. Directly inspired by Street Etiquette’s ‘Slumflower’ project, centered around the idea of a rose growing from concrete. Eggerue shares similarities with this concept of beautifully growing and flourishing in an environment that appears to promote the opposite – hence why I feel that she perfectly fits the ‘Femme and Fierce’ Mini-series.


Referred to by Elle Magazine as a ‘millennial mastermind,’ and ranked in their ‘Stars On The Rise: 20 Power Players To Watch Out For In 2018’ list, Eggerue has a social media following of more than 100,000 people. But it’s not just her influence. She has managed to drive a new conversation regarding how we view women’s bodies, constantly sparking conversations about body positivity – especially through her internet breaking movement #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER. She won Cosmopolitans ‘Highly Commended Disrupter/Changmaker of the Year 2018 Award’ and was placed on the #DAZED100 list. She also did a recent BBC Newsbeat documentary on hair loss in young people and has reshaped the way we view hair loss. Eggerue is on a trailblazing path to encourage us all the be comfier with our flaws!!

You’re bad as hell and you were made with intention – It’s about time you realised.


She also has an incredibly inspirational book - What A Time To Be Alone: The Slumflower’s Guide To Why You Are Already Enough. Speaking about finding self worth in a world that seems to be obsessed with telling us we’re not good enough. Its empowering, intimate and beautifully written – described as essential reading for all young women who want to take charge of their lives. Eggerue shows her readers that being alone is not just OK, but it’s one of the best things that could’ve happened to you. She has dotted the book with insightful Igbo proverbs from her Nigerian mother, and filled the pages with her own artwork. Filled with sass, wisdom and charm, let Chidera help you navigate the modern world!

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Self Love


Her book highlights a 3 step system for learning your self worth and embracing how awesome you really are!


1.         Knowing your worth!

You are valuable – nobody’s validation is worth lowering your value for. Life is too short to be spent chasing people’s validation and chasing things that do not belong in our lives. You realise that, the sooner you can realise that you are deserving of the love you spoil others with. Then you can take some time out to give it to yourself – you deserve to have as much effort spent on you as you spend on others!


2.         Finding your peace! 

Your solace lies in your solitude and you need to know its ok to not be ok. Don’t be caught trying to ‘look happy’ and forget to actually be happy. You don’t have revolve around other people’s ides of worldly happiness, otherwise you will convince yourself you just aren’t doing well enough. As long as you are doing something you love, you are doing just fine.


3.         Owning Your Beauty! 

You are Magnificent – and don’t you forget it! Stop comparing yourself, appreciate yourself. Yes, you have flaws, but you don’t need to get rid of them in order to be deemed as acceptable. Nobody is perfect, and no amount of ‘perfection’ can make you completely happy with yourself. But you can feel perfect if you start building a relationship with the parts of yourself you hate, and learning to accept your flaws for part of the incredibly person that you are!

These are the lessons that Chidera Eggerue teaches us and they are incredibly important. Celebrate you, decide your self worth and empower yourself. Don’t worry about anyone else. Avoid their toxicity and realise that they are all just protecting themselves from something. Most importantly, feel together with the rest of the world, grow healthy relationships, support other women. Like Chidera says “Own your story. Create your own narrative.” Show them that you are a force to be reckoned with!


Stay Perfect, Messy People