Why You Should Watch Out For The Next Selfie Factory Pop-Up

Dare to Dream
— Selfie Factory

Last Sunday I arranged a visit to The Selfie Factory with a friend of mine. It was so much fun that I couldn’t help but smile the whole way through - even when the camera was off!

It is the UKs first Instagram inspired fun house! Spend hours taking selfies and pictures in 10+ unique, photo friendly environments. These include a giant ball pit, doughnut wall and confetti cove! My favourite was definitely the ball filled bathtub. It is their belief that the world outside is too grey and sad so they’re bringing more rainbows and confetti and unicorns into our lives. The space is without a doubt bright and fun filled and you can’t help but forget the outside world when you’re in there!

Imagination is the only weapon on the war against reality.
— Lewis Caroll

They are a pop-up event and, after a successful run in Brighton, came to London. Unfortunately though, and I should’ve mentioned this at the beginning before building your hopes up, it was only in Shoreditch until the 20th November. However, you can watch this space, as who knows when they will bring out another event.

I was lucky enough to hear about this short running event and book my tickets. It’s an environment that lets you let go just a little bit - you don’t have to worry about being serious, you can just have fun! You also get to fill up your camera roll with incredible photos.

If they come back, they are definitely well worth the visit - they have my stamp of approval!

Stay Perfect, Messy People!