The Instagramable Locations of London

Since moving to London at the beginning of July it has been my mission to seek out the most Instagramable locations within this city. I actually get a little sense of achievement when I find a location I read about online, even more so when I stumble across somewhere all by myself. In fact, London is packed with beautiful, aesthetically pleasing hidden gems and I’m going to share some of my favourite with you.



1. Feya Café

Follow the blossoms and butterflies as they lead you into this beautiful little café. Filled with marble accents and comfy plush pink chairs, Feya is a pretty pastel haven. Everything they make here is beautifully served, like artwork on a plate!

2. Saint Aymes  

Inspired by the work of Wes Anderson, this 24 CT Gold Experience was designed to be an escapist paradise tucked away in the heart of London. The café opened in February 2018 and has already been named the most Instagramable café in London. A floral haven, full of decadent treats that are all laced with 24 CT gold for an extra touch of magic.

3. Peggy Porschen  

Step through the fairytale pastel pink doors into a world of freshly baked delights. The café is decorated with floral installations that change seasonal, and frame the doors in beautiful installations. Peggy Porschen is famous for its irresistibly pretty and elegant pastries, cookies and cupcakes that are not only visually stunning but also taste delicious!

4. Spectrum

Hidden away above Spectrum Collections Carnaby Street shop is a little insta-perfect café! Pink and green, with hanging flowers, neon signs and perfect stencil topped coffees, this pit-stop is the perfect hidden gem! It is a small little café that relatively nobody seems to have heard off – but it is definitely worth the visit.


5. Neill Strain Floral Couture

Floral perfection – this incredible shop fashions the most distinctive floral designs. Their shopfront has floral installations that appear to bloom wildly, climbing over the walls, that change with the seasons. These arrangements make an incredibly stunning shop that you won’t be able to resist stepping inside!

6. Petersham Nurseries

A shop bursting with interesting and intriguing things, Petersham is a place of beauty, an emporium of goods and a celebration of the seasons. This shop combines nature and elegance with a Nursery and Garden Shop at the heart of the business – creating an oasis. You can find plants and flowers, amongst gardening tools and beautiful home ware. Incredibly elegant, adorned with beautiful chandeliers, Petersham is definitely a go to spot!

7. Maddox Gallery

Another floral front that stands grand amongst the other shops.  With multiple across London, the most aesthetic is probably their flagship gallery. 4 floors of a Victorian townhouse designed and renovated to showcase the gallery’s collection. The front of the store hosts an incredible floral display that covers the entire face – it is literally one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!


8. Trevor Square

Pretty as a picture with some of the most enviable properties around. You can find this quaint little pink and white house that looks like its straight out of a fairy tale!

9. Kynance Mews

The entrances to this mew passes through 3 arches, each listed Grade II on the National Heritage List. Most importantly though, one of the archways hosts these stunning ivy leaves that drift down the wall. Definitely worth a visit!

10. St Lukes Mews

A quiet colourful street that is tucked away in the heart of London. So hidden you may miss it, even though it has been notably used in the movie Love Actually. The street is lined with coloured houses from classic red brick, to vibrant blue, sunshine yellow and even a rose pink house. The pastel façade is charming with architectural details like wrought-iron railings and oversized barn doors doubling as shutters.

So that’s it, some of my favourite Instagramable locations of London – make sure you go and check them out! If you gained inspiration from this post, then I’d love it if you let me know! Just use the hashtag perfectlymessypeople!


Now go and explore London!


Stay Perfect, Messy People.