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she was life itself. wild and free. wonderfully chaotic. a perfectly put together mess

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Welcome to Perfectly put together

My name is Ellie Farrow and I think I should start by saying that I am by no means ‘ perfectly put together.’ I’m an over thinker and a daydreamer, with a little touch of melodrama. But throughout my life, i’ve realised things about myself that I would never have learnt if I didn’t strive for the idea of perfection. I am a perfectionist, i’m aware of this, but along the way i’ve discovered that things don’t need to be perfect for me to feel perfect.

Perfect is a tricky word because people will always say “well nobody is perfect,” and I guess to some degree that is true. We do all have our flaws, but I guess what I am saying is that it is more about being perfectly happy even with them - and that is the message of Perfectly Put Together.

So welcome to my mind, and remember - Stay Perfect, Messy People

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Girls with bold voices: 6 female activists you should be following

In a world that is constantly trying to force people into boxes, the most beautiful act of rebellion is to be yourself. Standing tall and speaking out about what you believe in is important and these 6 women are showing the world that they have bold voices and important messages to share!

All with incredibly powerful messages, that required a brave voice such as theirs to say it. If you have something important to say, say it loud so everyone can hear it – then maybe you can lead the change, becoming another girl with a bold voice!

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The handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

This is a novel pervaded by violence, sex, terror, but also by contemplation, analysis and – occasionally – by hope… Atwood shockingly reveals what we could be capable of.
— Elly McCausland - Cherwell Newspaper
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A dystopian novel set within the walls of the Republic of Gilead - what used to be the US. It provides a powerful evocation of twenty-first century America, shockingly hinting at what humanity could be capable off.

The story follows Offred (a name given to her by the Republic) who is a Handmaid in a household. The Handmaids have one purpose, to breed, providing children for higher class women who can’t have children. If she fails in this, she’ll either be hung on the wall or sent out into the radiation to die. However, even a repressive state can’t destroy desire.

This book is thought provoking and provocative, brilliant conceived and executed. Offred is both weak and strong and this makes for a really interesting narrator for the tale. Furthermore, Atwood makes you question the possibility of a world that no longer values the diversity of people. She creates a world that explores gender roles and what it means to be human - reflecting to the audience of what radical ideology could create.