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she was life itself. wild and free. wonderfully chaotic. a perfectly put together mess

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Welcome to Perfectly put together

My name is Ellie Farrow and I think I should start by saying that I am by no means ‘ perfectly put together.’ I’m an over thinker and a daydreamer, with a little touch of melodrama. But throughout my life, i’ve realised things about myself that I would never have learnt if I didn’t strive for the idea of perfection. I am a perfectionist, i’m aware of this, but along the way i’ve discovered that things don’t need to be perfect for me to feel perfect.

Perfect is a tricky word because people will always say “well nobody is perfect,” and I guess to some degree that is true. We do all have our flaws, but I guess what I am saying is that it is more about being perfectly happy even with them - and that is the message of Perfectly Put Together.

So welcome to my mind, and remember - Stay Perfect, Messy People

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Photo by Skylar Sahakian

Photo by Skylar Sahakian

Vogue Parody – 73 Questions With Perfectly Put Together

So I was nominated by the lovely Glam Glitz Gloss to take part in the the Vogue 73 Questions parody, so here we go:


1.What’s your usual Starbucks drink?

Honestly, I’ve probably tried everything on the Starbucks menu, but my favourite 2 drinks are either a hazelnut latte or vanilla frappe with a coffee base – it depends whether it’s hot or cold outside…..

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Book Club


After the crash by Michel Bussi

Riveting! Bussi spins psychological suspense at its finest with this consuming tale of one child, two families, and the dark secrets that define us all. Clear your schedule; this book is worth it!
— Lisa Gardner - New York Times Bestselling Author

—-Buy It Here—-

When a plane crashes on the Franco-Swiss border, 168 out of the 169 passengers are killed instantly. The only survivor is a three-month old baby girl. Two families, from completely opposite backgrounds, step forward to claim her. Thus sparks an investigation that lasts for almost two decades: Is she Lyse-Rose or Emilie?

The book is set eighteen years after the crash. Private detective Crédule Grand-Duc, having failed to solve the mystery, plans to take his own life. Not before placing an account of his investigation in the girl's hands. But, as he sits at his desk about to pull the trigger, he uncovers a secret that changes everything - then is killed before he can breathe a word of it to anyone . . .

An absolutely masterful thriller that truly grips you from start to finish. The whole book only spans across a few days, with each hour documented as the mystery is solved, and the occasional dip back into the past. I was frantic to know the truth, as it keeps you in the dark for the entire book. Every time I thought I knew something, I was proved wrong. I have read this book twice, leaving a long enough period in-between that I forgot most of the plot. Even whilst reading it the second time, I have never been more gripped by any novel. Buss grabs your attention straight away in this cleverly constructed, smart mystery, which concludes by delivering a delicious sting in the tail - a must read for absolutely everyone!